The Restaurant

West African cuisine is one of the world’s most influential food cultures. Today, the influence of West Africa on food around the world is unmistakable. Rice, black-eyed peas and okra are staples in West Indian cuisine. At Chrishuru we combine contemporary West African food with age old recipes and techniques. While using especially notable and unique seasonings and spices.


The Chef - Adejoké ‘Joké’ Bakare

Until recently, the Nigerian-born chef Adejoké ‘Joké’ Bakare was still, technically, a home cook. For years she had hosted dinner parties and supper clubs, but had not really come close to fulfilling her dream of opening her own restaurant. In August 2020, she finally launched Chishuru, a West African restaurant in Brixton, South London, inspired by the food of Nigeria and the wider region. She did so in part thanks to a victory in the amateur category at last year’s Brixton Kitchen competition, which has afforded her a spot in Market Row, a bustling hub of bars and restaurants.